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Other Areas of Practice

Other Areas of Practice

Corporate Formation

Forming a business requires a vast amount of decisions for which you need an experienced attorney. Whether you want a DBA, a partnership agreement, incorporating a business or forming a Limited Liability Company or LLC, you need the experienced guidance that Gregg H. Redmond can provide.

Name Changes

This area of law requires filing a Petition in court explaining the reasons to legally change your name, obtaining an Order for the change, publishing the name change in an area newspaper for a required number of weeks and filing an affidavit of publication with the clerk’s office. Gregg H. Redmond has the experience to carry out this legal process for you. 


 When a tenant stops paying the rent, the tenant stays after the end of the lease or the landlord just wants the tenant out, an eviction proceeding may have to be commenced against the tenant. An eviction proceeding requires strict adherence to the requirements in the law or the case will be disallowed. Gregg H. Redmond has the experience to guide you in these cases whether you are the landlord or the tenant. 

Personal Injury

 If you have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, whether it be a slip and fall case, a work site accident or a motor vehicle accident, Gregg H. Redmond will guide you through the legal processes to collect the benefits due to you and to compensate you for your injuries, pain and suffering.

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