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Before a Case Ever Goes to Trial

If you are nervous about filing a civil lawsuit because you do not want to go through the lengthy process if a trial, bear in mind that most personal injury cases are settled on the courtroom steps. However, it is necessary for a lawyer to fully prepare a case because doing so better ensures the likelihood of a settlement. Many courts schedule mandatory settlement conferences during which the judge will attempt to point out the weaknesses of either side’s case. If your lawyer is able to impress the opposing side’s lawyer with his or her knowledge of the facts of the case and the completeness of his or her research, the completeness of his or her research, it may lead the other side to settle.

A settlement conference should not be confused with a pre-trial conference. A pre-trial conference is held in front of your assigned judge and is designed to determine the length of the trial, the number of exhibits, and other procedural issues about the trial itself. If you have a legal matter please call 585-225-0520. HINT: Attorneys are most likely to settle out of court when they perceive it will cost less to settle than to continue or that they do not believe that they can win.

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